Letters to Aunt Annie – 2


Dearest Aunt Annie,

Life is still good here on the island and I am most definitely enjoying the warmer weather. Mum put the screen in the front window the other day and now I lay on my lounger, under the window, listening to all the different sounds that come in. Whenever I hear a bird calling, I am up quickly, like a flash, and jump to the back of the chair. I then sneak my head round the corner and peer out to see where the bird is. I can then creep, slowly and silently, onto the window sill and watch the bird. Doesn’t matter which variety of bird it is, and I am saddened to remember that I can’t get out to catch it, but at least I can sit and watch all of the birds that sit near my window.

In other news, I found out just yesterday that Mum was very much aware of my first letter to you and that she posted it on my blog. I was angry with her for doing it. I even received a comment from a stray dog who just laughed and laughed at me. My ears are burning with shame. I am not happy with her but I will survive and now I know that she will be able to see my letters, I have decided I will continue to write you but I won’t ever be able to reveal any of my secrets to you. This makes me very sad indeed.

I also just found out that Mum took a video of me with the catnip that she gave me the other day. Now I think you know just how much I love my catnip, and that I have even begun to hope that it will be made legal in the very near future, but I digress. She gives me the catnip, then uses the video as blackmail? I don’t think so! I will need to sit down with her and have a very serious conversation about this. I am not a happy kitty.  On the other hand, Mum shared a video of me playing with my new toy that we waited for so long to receive. That makes me a bit less unhappy. (Stupid toy broke last night and Mum can’t fix it. She said that she’s just going to throw it away. I am confident that there will be better toys in my future so I am not too unhappy about this. Besides, I have my paper balls to play fetch with Mum when she’s in the bathroom. My only problem with this is that I wish Mum’s arms were longer. She just can’t seem to pick the balls up that I drop at the doorway. Oh well, we’ll work on it.)    😉

I do so love to run around the house during the night. Because we are now into the summer months I am no longer sleeping with Mum. I will come to bed for a few scritches under my chin and behind my ears, but then I jump off the bed and leave the room. Mum has the kitchen window open for me so that I am able to go outside. There is a fence that surrounds the window so I feel very safe. No one can get in and I can’t get out.  😦

I guess that’s about all for the time being. Hey, I just realized that I didn’t interrupt my letter for a hunt. How’s that for you? Speaking of which I just spotted a flying critter buzz by so I’m off to see if I can catch him.

Lovingly Yours,


3 thoughts on “Letters to Aunt Annie – 2

  1. lifewithlunacat says:

    Thank you Dog, it does help, and I won’t tell a soul about your bird chasing. You know, in some circles that’s considered un-dog like behavior. But I’m thinking that we just might have a budding relationship developing here? What do you say? Friends! 😉


  2. Anne McDonald says:

    My dearest niece. I am glad that you and your Mum have worked things out. I did speak my piece to her about posting the first letter on your blog., but she has a mind of her own.

    Luna, do not be ashamed of your special talents. Each individual is unique and valuable. Several years back we hosted a kitty who barked (I’m serious) and we named him Puppy Cat. He was an excellent hunter, but P.C. got too bold. He. started hunting Jason’s ankles, claws-out. We relocated P.C. to a cat farm immediately after he attacked Jason’s face and missed your cousin’s left eye by mere millimeters. For all we know, P.C. now hunts deer, javelina, and snakes. Kitties, if practicing their hunting skills on humans MUST use velveted paws and ensure they do not cause their humans to fall or get injured.

    Regarding your Nip, it has always been legal for cats and is readily sold in pet stores to entertain humans. If you do an online search you will find many videos of cats flipping over Nip while their humans laugh in amusement. Some cats, however, get aggressive when ingesting this herb. It has little to no effect on dogs, however.

    I am sorry that your new toy broke. Sadly, such items that are made in China are not very good quality. We’ll see what we can do for Christmas.

    I am glad to see you are making room for various friends in your life.

    Love you,

    Auntie Annie

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