Letters to Aunt Annie – 3

Chère tante Annie, 

I’m trying to see if I can learn a little French. (My salutation means Dear Aunt). Mum told me that she had four years of French lessons but she can’t speak a word of it. She just never got the hang of it. So I, at least, thought that I would try my paw at a few French phrases. (Mum helped. 😉 )

I am so excited to report to you that I had TWO successful hunts of flying critters on, of all days, July 4. Mum is so proud of me. She actually gave me more treats to celebrate my success. I’m just quivering with pride.

I did do some hunting last summer but I was still quite young. I hadn’t even reached my first birthday. I had no idea about how to hunt and I did have a lot of fun chasing after flying critters and getting my exercise in. Combined two enjoyable past-times. All of those hunts were a good experience for me and led me to these two hunts. They were the first hunts of this year. I am certain that by next summer I will be an exceptional hunter and can “bag my kills” quickly. And again, it’s great exercise that will help me keep my girlish figure.

On now to my new toy. We waited for such a long time for it to arrive and it broke within the first week. Mum was terribly upset. She tried to fix it but wasn’t having any luck. So she decided that she would throw it away. I was sad when she told me that but then she left it for a couple of days and tried once more. She was kind of successful with the repairs this time. The butterfly had come off the wire and she did what she called a “jury-rig or Rube-Goldberg” repair. It’s holding together for the time being. It will be good for me to use to practice my hunting techniques on and if I sit close enough to it, when it’s turned on, it slows down a bit and then I can experiment with catching the butterfly in different ways. I truly believe that the time I played with it before it broke, gave me the necessary experience that I put to good use in my two hunts on the 4th. So now I can practice even more with it until it falls apart, again. Mum said that she will definitely throw it out if and when it breaks again. Oh well, C’est la vie.

Mum had the front door open last night and a bird landed on the railing by the door and began to make all kinds of noise. Mum couldn’t hear herself think. She said the bird was a Sparrow. There was such a lot of noise coming from this bird that it even woke me up and so I got up to see what all the noise was about. Well, it took Mum quite a while before she came over to see just why that bird was making so much noise. That’s when she noticed what I had been keeping a keen eye on and drooling all over myself.

There was a baby bird that was sitting at the bottom of the stairs and was about two feet away from me. If only that screen door hadn’t been there, I would have had my first “real kill“. But of course, Mum doesn’t want me going outside. She says there are too many bad people out there and there are all sorts of dogs too. Some of those dogs are the ones that live upstairs. They belong to my Auntie Pat. Sometimes, when she comes to visit, she will bring one of them in to visit with me. I’m not too excited to have a dog in my house, but Chester is quite nice. He doesn’t get pushy, which is good. And she has, a few times, brought her biggest dog in to visit. That dog’s name is Hera and she’s what Mum said is a Great Dane. Now I’m no bigger than Hera’s head but she is afraid of me. I just have to laugh about that. A dog that size and she’s afraid of little ‘ol me!

Anyway, back to the birds. I tried a couple of times to get the screen door open and I think that was the main reason that made Mum come over to see what was going on. I was upset that I wasn’t strong enough to open that door. I REALLY wanted to catch the bird and this would have been the perfect way to start my actual hunting career.

Mum went outside to see if she could catch the baby and put him on the grass so that his mom could convince him to fly away from there, but Mum wasn’t able to catch him. Then Auntie Pat came to see about all the noise too, and she was able, finally, to catch the baby by his wing. She lifted him over to the grass and then she had to shoo her dogs away from him. She didn’t want the dogs to hurt the baby. And now the momma bird was quieter.  So after all that, Mum was extremely happy that she could hear herself think and also hear the television show that she was trying to watch.

Finally, I mentioned in my last letter about the dog that left such a scathing comment on my first letter to you. Well, after he read my second letter he left a comment and was very gracious. He apologized for laughing at me. I replied to his comment and asked him if we might become friends. I haven’t heard back from him yet, but I’m hoping that he will read this letter and then go and read my reply to his apology. I’d really like to have a ‘long-distance’ friendship with a dog. It might be nice.

I think that I will close out this letter Chere Auntie. I do hope that it finds you in good health and I send all my love to you and my favorite cousin Jason.

Affectueusement yours,  (Affectionately)


5 thoughts on “Letters to Aunt Annie – 3

  1. Dog says:

    WOOF! i’d love to be friends. i hear cats and dogs aren’t supposed to be friends, but we both come when called and like bird chasing, so who cares what others care??? you’re okay by me, kitty.

    i catch bugs flying things too, and i get lots of practice with the frisbees my human throws for me. (i use his computer when he’s at work). bug catching is a fun sport. flies are always a challenge.

    moths are a special challenge. they always look asleep but they are always watching. i just sneak up and grab em in my mouth while they’re resting on something. (once they’re in the air, they fly so erratically, the hunt is over.) watch out for what they’re on when you catch em though. i once tore down a set of living room drapes that way.

    WOOF for now, kitty cat

    your friend, dog

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  2. lifewithlunacat says:

    Hi there Dog. I’m so pleased that you decided it was okay for us to be friends. My Mum tells me that there are many, many families out there who have both dogs and cats and they get along very well.

    Now that we are friends, we’ll be able to talk about our hunts, hunting techniques and which flying critters taste awful and which the best. Personally I’m not a fan of moths. They can be challenging and you’re right when you say they’re always watching, so that does make for a challenge sometimes. But I’m not a fan of how they taste. There’s a kind of dusty, gritty taste to ’em.

    Thanks again for accepting my invitation to be friends, it will be so nice. Talk to you soon Dog.

    Your friend, Luna


  3. Dog says:

    when it comes to moths, it helps if you leave them on the heater vent for a couple days to blow off the dusty stuff. just make sure your person doesn’t find ’em. they don’t appreciate fine cuisine like we do.

    how do you feel about ants? i like how spicy they are.

    your friend, dog

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  4. lifewithlunacat says:

    To each his own, I say Dog. But when it comes to moths, they are most difficult to catch, even though you get lots of exercise when you’re after them. I still don’t like the taste of them so I will continue to hunt them but I won’t ever again put one in my mouth. I think I’ll just leave them on the floor for my Mum to clean up.

    I do like ants. And yes, you’re right when you say that they’re spicy. I will, however, go and have a drink of water to wash the spice down as it can be a little intense, depending on where the ant is from.

    Your friend, Luna


  5. Auntie Annie says:

    My dear niece,

    I apologize for being so slow in responding. I’m working on a huge project with a looming deadline, but that’s no excuse for failing to respond. I hope you can forgive me.

    It’s too bad about your toy, and after you and Mum waited so long for it to arrive. Toys are just not made well anymore. You might ask Mum if she’ll give you a few paper tubes to practice your hunting skills on. They roll really well, and take skill to capture. If you get really good, you can spin a tube on its side and then flip it on its end in one smooth motion.

    That sparrow must have been very tempting to you. However, I am glad you did not capture it, as that would have been very bad for the bird. Imagine how you’d feel if an eagle captured you. It’s best to stick with hunting bugs, just avoid the stink beetles. Yes, they really do spray a nasty oil that will make you wish you’d never bothered them.

    I’m going to see if I can respond to your other letters before I dive back into work again.


    Auntie Annie

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