It’s My Birthday – Again

Hey there all, it’s my birthday again. I am turning two today and as promised, I’ve got a few things to say to bring you up to date.  

I’ve become a promising hunter, and this is helping me keep my girlish figure. Mum loves to watch me go flying by in leaps and bounds when I’m after a flying critter. When I’m hard at it, she just sits there laughing at me. That frustrates me because I’m doing my best in the hunt of the moment, but then she stops me and says that she’s not laughing ‘at me‘ but with me because she thinks  I’m so cute in the way I move. Well… go figure… who’d a thunk it!!!

I’ also still having a great time with my paper balls. Mum’s made up quite a few of them from her grocery receipts, and she keeps them in a special bag that she’s hung above the fireplace. I get really excited whenever I see her take that bag off the hook and open it. Sometimes she’ll put it down, opened wide, for me to take the ball out myself, and other times she will just grab a couple and throw them into the room

I can chase after those balls all day long. Up and down the hallway, into the bedroom and under the bed. Then I pick the ball up and trot back up to the living room to play with my purple bag and the ball. (I really love that bag, my other Aunt, Auntie Pat gave it to me.) Sometimes the ball will go into the bag and other times it will get (accidentally, on purpose) sucked under the chair. When that happens I dive into the dark and find the ball.

I still bring the ball to Mum when she’s in the bathroom and she is continuing to try to perfect her curveball. She gets more excited than I do when she does manage to throw the curveball, but then, that’s Mum.

This year I’ve managed to learn a few phrases in French and Italian. I’ve been considering taking up Spanish and German as well but this past summer, what with my hunting, has kept me fairly busy and I found that just the two languages are enough, for now. I may begin my studies once again as we approach the year’s end.

Mum and I have kept fairly busy with discussions on what to put on my blog as well. We’ve taken to writing to my favorite Aunt Annie. It was after my first letter to my Aunt that I got a comment I didn’t like from someone named ‘dog‘. I mention this because I have since become friends with ‘dog‘.  I’ve been getting some great information from him, about the creepy crawlies and I have taught him how to better utilize the keyboard with the use of a pencil. This means that his human doesn’t really know why there was so much slobber on the keyboard nor why there isn’t any, anymore.

I also have convinced Mum to teach me more words and it was at ‘dog’s‘ suggestion that I start using a dictionary. So I have since asked Mum if she would let me use hers and I am now learning more words. I am intending on writing another letter to ‘dog‘ to let him know about this.

Well, I guess that’s enough news about the last year of my life and I will save up lots of stuff to comment on by my next birthday. I do hope you all enjoyed my update and I hope you’ll keep reading my blog.

Affectionately yours,



5 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday – Again

  1. Dog says:

    happy birthday kitty! i am glad my entomological advice was helpful to you. that’s a new word i learned in the dictionary. entomology is the study of bugs.

    my human is indeed confused as to why the keyboard used to be slobbery and isn’t now. he’s also confused by why there’s mud on the pencils sometimes. i try to wipe my paws, but it isn’t easy!

    i look forward to another letter from you. you are my only internet feline friend…at least that i know of. i know a mastiff in britain and a pug in lithuania. thankfully dog language is the same in any language. woof.

    once again, happy birthday kitty!

    your friend,


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  2. Auntie Annie says:

    Happy Birthday, dear niece! I’m eating a piece of cake in your honor, I’ve been really busy getting settled us in our new home. I’ll try to catch up with you soon.

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  3. lifewithlunacat says:

    Dear Dog. Thank you so much for your birthday wishes. I’m having a lovely day relaxing, playing with my paper balls and purple bag. Mum has given me extra treats for my special day and I’m loving it.

    I shall be sending you a letter soon so keep your eyes on this blog.

    Your friend, Luna


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