Mum here! I was on my way to take the garbage out and noticed something strange. One of my shoes had an insole hanging out. It reminded me of a wounded soldier, the pink on the insole… well, it wasn’t a pretty sight.

I bent over to pick up the shoe in order to push the insole back in but it stuck; it would NOT go back in. What the heck was happening here? I know that sometimes, when I wear this particular pair of shoes with-out socks, that the insole will follow my foot out of the shoe. I leaned in to view the inside of the shoe to determine just why it wasn’t going back together and found the reason. One of Luna’s paper-balls was settled into the toe, looking mighty comfortable in there.  Now, the reason still has not come to me, but just how the heck did she get that paper ball in there? I mean, the insole would not go back in because the ball was underneath it. This will remain one of lifes little mysteries. (Should I ever find the reason why this happened, I’ll let you know.)